Tesla Expands Its Charging Network to Penang

TESLA has announced the expansion of its charging network to Penang, Malaysia, with the installation of two Destination Charging stations. Situated at The Ship Campus in Batu Kawan and All Seasons Place, these new stations mark a significant step in enhancing charging coverage across the country.

The addition of these charging stations enables Tesla owners to enjoy seamless cross-country charging experiences, spanning from Singapore to Johor and now Penang. Tesla’s Destination Charging stations offer convenient and reliable charging options for Tesla vehicle owners. With the simple act of plugging in, owners can benefit from free charging services. Moreover, the Tesla app allows users to monitor the charging status and receive notifications when their vehicles are fully charged and ready for use.

The newly installed Destination Charging Station at The Ship Campus boasts 8 Destination Chargers, while the station at All Seasons Place provides 4 Destination Chargers. This brings the total number of Destination Chargers in Penang to 12, offering ample charging opportunities for Tesla owners in the region.

Currently, Malaysia is equipped with 6 Supercharging stations and 8 Destination Charging stations, featuring a total of 30 Superchargers and 37 Destination Chargers across major cities. Tesla remains committed to further expanding its charging infrastructure in Penang and throughout Malaysia, ensuring comprehensive charging coverage for Tesla owners nationwide.

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